Synopsis (25 words): the day when a hungry child sacrifies her portion for her starving mother
Twitter Blurb (100 characters): the day when a hungry child sacrifies her portion for her starving mother
Facebook blurb (50 words): Ukraine, 1933, during HOLODOMOR: the famine-genocide of Ukraine. Every day, in order to survive, the child has to travel long way to a place where she can receive a bowl of soup. One day kids are granted a cookie. 4 years old decides to save this treat to her mom.

Director: Olena Maksymova
Sound: Leszek Mozga
Music: Andreas Christodoulou (Andrew Caden)
Singing: Marita Vaskova
Song: ukrainian traditional lullaby
Editor: Olena Maksymova

Technique: oil pastel on backlit acetate, animated under the camera. 

Director statement
My short animation “Holodomor. Cookie” based upon the personal story – story of my grandmother as a young child about the day when she lost her mom. The film is set in times of Holodomor (“murder by hunger”) – famine and genocide generated in Ukraine in 1932-1933 by Soviet Republic that killed more than 11 million people.
The main idea of film aimed to pass to spectator the feeling of very last minutes for mother and daughter they spent together, their love and empathy toward each other during very difficult times.
Technique used for film is oil pastel on backlit acetate was chosen to convey a sense of authenticity through strong and appealing texture. The song used in the film is a traditional Ukrainian lullaby, performed by the daughter of the main protagonist.

Technical info
Length : 5min 40sec
Size: 1920×1080 HD 16:9
Sound: Stereo
Formats Prores HQ & H264









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